Friday, April 17, 2009

Day Four

In an attempt to stop the rioters with an incentive of compromising with their demands, Democrats met up together at Tammany Hall. To "encourage" volunteering, they proposed appropriating $ 2.5 million for exemption bonds for 7% interest after 1880. This was passed, however, it did not calm the rioters what so ever. After that, Tammany Hall was turned into a charity place for New York City's poor. by now, violence had spread to Staten Island and other towns close to New York City, mainly in New Jersey. By the end of Thursday, 4,000 troops were stationed in the city. They had just come from the Battle of Gettysburg, and it appeared as though they kept the same mind frame as if they were in battle with the opposition. Sources say that after the militia arrived, a huge mob gathered on First Avenue. They ambushed the soldiers with guns, knifes, home-made bludgeons, rocks, bricks, and any weapons they could find. Several soldiers were wounded and killed, but their defense tactics proved much more fatal. As Times reported, ten rounds of canister were fired by artillerymen, killing 30 rioters. However, after ten soldiers were killed or wounded, the soldiers were forced to retreat. Sergeant Charles Davids, part of the 14th New York Cavalry, was knocked off his horse and beaten to death. As soldiers were being helped and sent to a make-shift hospital, the riots attacked again. This time, the soldiers were ready and able to hold them off. This was considered the "last battle" of the draft riots.

Image: "Fights between rioters and military." Published in Harper's Weekly, August 1, 1863.

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