Friday, April 17, 2009

Day Three

The third day of the riots was full of more destruction, deaths, arsons, and lynchings. A group of white men found Abraham Franklin, a disabled African-American coachman, and beat him and his sister, Henrietta. Then, Abraham was hanged from a tree. After he was dead, his body was cut down by Patrick Butler, a 16 year old Irish butcher and dragged through the streets and mud. A 7 year old African-American boy, Joseph Reed was fleeing his burning apartment when he got seperated from his mother and other family members. Another group of white men stopped and surrounded him. They beat him to death. At last, General Harvery Brown and Police Commissioner Tomas Acton seemed to come by a plan to stop the rioters. Although the riots were far from over, they planned to keep the rioters in the working class neighborhoods, or the already "infected" areas of the city.
Image: "Scene in Thirty-Second Street, Between Sixth and Seventh Avenues - Negro hanged by the mob and houses burned, July 15." Published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, August 1, 1863.

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